Your Business Model can help you figure out how to package your services and products. The goal is to get really clear on not only WHAT you offer, but HOW you offer it. There are many features, elements you can include in packaging your work.

Independent of the business you are in, you too can create packages and programs that will ease the purchasing process for your client AND help you manage your production, resource management in a way that helps you scale. After all, your clients are looking to SOLVE a problem on an ongoing basis, so offering them a way to address their need in a way that is sustainable, not a one-off, can only benefit them as well as you. Packages and Programs are the BLOOD of your leveraged business model. So let's get to it!

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May 27th, 2022

1:00 -2:00 pm EST

Masters in Clarity

“You wanna get clarity? Focus? Make your message laser focused? Call Dolores Hirschmann! I’ve been a professional speaker for fifteen years, yet in one session she took my message and my mission to another level. I highly recommend her!”

Masters in Clarity

“She brings insights and clarity into whatever your business challenges. She really seeks to understand where you are in your business and take her insights and help you move forward in the direction you want.”

Masters in Clarity

“Dolores helped me clarify my message and taught me how best to finish my presentations. She has a very confident and easy manner about herself that is highly engaging. Dolores is an excellent communications coach and I would highly recommend her to any executive who speaks frequently in business.”