Getting You Stage Ready!


Elevate your impact and captivate your audience with our bespoke coaching services, meticulously tailored to help people like you Authors, Scientists, Medical Professionals, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Keynote Speakers, and C-Suite Executives use speaking to grow your business and your influence. If you're on the cusp of delivering a keynote, workshop, or talk, we offer you precision-crafted guidance and coaching to ensure your presentation resonates profoundly with your audience and turns them into followers and clients.

Together, we will:

  • Craft an engaging and high-converting presentation, workshop, or talk designed to connect with your audience and inspire decisive action.
  • Hone your message to be compelling and clear, ensuring it's delivered with conviction and clarity.
  • Enhance your visual aids, rehearsal process, and on-stage confidence. Leveraging our network of elite slide designers, personal stylists, and stage directors, we provide comprehensive support for every aspect of your presentation.

Collaborating with MIC primes you not just to shine in your upcoming engagement, but to emerge as a venerated authority and sought-after thought leader. Imagine concluding your talk to the sight of an enthralled audience, queued up, eager for further interaction and insights—that's the outcome we strive for.

Your journey with MIC includes:

  • DH TEDx.png4 private, 60-minute sessions with Dolores Hirschmann, the founder of MIC, seasoned Communications and Speaker Coach, TEDx Organizer, and acclaimed Author.
  • Access to an advanced online learning platform, offering tailored resources to refine your talk.

Step into your spotlight with confidence and let us amplify your voice to resonate long after you've left the stage.


Our clients have spoken at conferences around the world as keynote speakers, TEDx events, industry events, and more.

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