MIC Speaker Prep

Getting You Stage Ready!

MIC Speaker PREP

This service is specially designed foDH TEDx.pngr Authors, Scientist, Doctors, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Speakers, and Executives who have been selected or are planning to deliver a keynote, workshop or talk and are looking for specific guidance and coaching in preparation for their event.

The goal of our work together is to:

  • Co-create an engaging presentation/workshop or talk that will capture your audience and will move them to action
  • Prepare you to stand in front of your audience with a clear, straightforward and actionable message.
  • Guide you in the preparation of your slides, rehearsing and stage presence. (We partner with some of the best slide designers, personal stylists & stage directors so that if you need additional services we know where to send you)
  • Working with MIC in preparation for your event will help you not only make the most of this engagement but will position you in front of your audience as an authority in your topic and a resource that is in demand. You know when a speaker is successful when you see a line of people waiting to talk to the speaker and engage, our goal is that you step off your stage to a crowd that is eager to learn more from you.


  • 5 Private meetings 60-minute meetings with Dolores Hirschmann, Founder of MIC, Communications and Speaker Coach, TEDx Organizer & Author.
  • Online learning platform to help you in working on your talk
  • An online private Facebook group for brainstorming and working on your talk


Our clients have spoken at conferences around the world as keynote speakers, TEDx events, industry events and more.

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