MIC Speaker Program (VIP)

Ready to turn up the volume and reach a larger audience with your message?

MIC Speaking Program

Where speakers land their TEDx stage & beyond

This program is specially designed for Authors, Scientist, Doctors, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Speakers, and Executives who are looking to raise their visibility, bring awareness to their work, reach a larger audience deliver an engaging presentation, keynote or TEDx talk. Through this program, you will gain Clarity around your idea worth sharing, a clear framework for moving from talking about what you do to talking about what you stand for, a Talk you can pitch to event planners, strategies how to engage your audience and much more. This program will ALSO help you navigate the application process to land a TEDx stage.DH TEDx.png

MILESTONES & PROGRAM CONTENT (delivered through online modules):

  1. Get CLEAR on your idea worth sharing. At the end of the day, if you have one message to share, what is it?
  2. Validate your idea. Is it unique? Why are you uniquely positioned to speak about this topic? What stories and experiences bring this idea to life
  3. Your 18 Minutes of Impact framework. An easy to follow framework for you to write the talk of your life.
  4. Write your talk.
  5. Get ready to pitch. Writing your abstract and pitching to TEDx stages and other speaking platforms.
  6. Record & Review. Moving from your first draft to a more finished version and how do you adapt your talk for different audiences. The use of slides and memorize vs rehearse?
  7. Adding spice to your talk, the role of humor.
  8. Strategies for landing your TEDx stage
  9. Looking beyond TEDx stages. Where can this CLARITY take you next?

MODULE LENGTH: Modules are short and practical. Going through a module should not take you more than 15 minutes. Completing the exercises in each module will vary between modules and clients and depending on the amount of writing required.

Screen Shot 2024-02-03 at 06.00.39PROGRAM OUTCOMES:

  • Clarify your cornerstone IDEA
  • A stage-ready talk (we will coach you on slides, styling, etc)
  • Create your pitch to present to event organizers 
  • Create a script and coach the speaker in creating their application video
  • We will research, apply and follow up on TEDx applications on your behalf


  • Private meetings between you, your team and me (45-60 minutes each) (as needed or up to 6). Virtually using zoom or in person. 
  • Online learning platform to help you in the exploration process (one module a week for 12 weeks)
  • An online PRIVATE Facebook group for brainstorming and working on your talk
  • We will research, apply and follow up to TEDx stages around the world on your behalf. In our experience, it takes about 6 months of consistently applying to events before you land your stage.  


  • How long does it take to get ready to apply to speak?
    • PREPARING THE PITCH can take anything from a couple of weeks to 3 months to get your idea ready to pitch (depends on the client's commitment & time availability) and this happens privately with me designing the best angle to explore
  • How long until I get selected to speak?
    • PITCHING: once we begin to pitch, we do so consistently week after week submitting your IDEA to 2-4 events depending on events accepting applications. We have seen clients take as little as a month or so to get selected all the way to 9 months
  • Are there better times of the year to apply to speak?Screen Shot 2024-02-03 at 06.03.12

SEASONS: TEDx events (at least the ones we are looking to pitch to) tend to have a long runway. They will open applications about 6 months before the event takes place and they will close applications about 3 months before the event takes place to prepare speakers.




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